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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Columbus, IN

Embrace the warmth and allure of carpet flooring, a perennial favorite among homeowners. Riverside Carpet One Floor & Home, your premier destination in Columbus, Indiana, boasts an unrivaled selection of residential and commercial carpeting. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style, whether seeking a luxurious designer carpet for your master bedroom or resilient carpet tiles for your business. With our expansive inventory, we've got your flooring needs covered. Begin your carpet exploration today and experience the epitome of quality and choice!


Explore Our Carpet Variety

At Riverside Carpet One Floor & Home, our commitment to quality extends to our diverse carpet selection. Each carpet type we offer is tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. Here's a brief overview of our carpet varieties:



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Discover the Advantages of Carpet

Carpet, a favored choice for homeowners and businesses, boasts many benefits. Here's a glimpse into why carpet may be the ideal flooring option for you:



Pile Types

When it comes to carpet selection, there are various pile styles to consider. Here's a breakdown of your options:



Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet

Q: How Do I Choose the Right Carpet for My Home?

A: Selecting the right carpet involves considering room usage, desired comfort, and maintenance preferences. Durable and stain-resistant options like nylon or polyester may be ideal for high-traffic areas. In contrast, softer and more luxurious choices such as wool or plush carpets are perfect for bedrooms and low-traffic spaces. Always consider your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences when making a decision.


Q: What's the Best Way to Maintain and Clean My Carpet?

A: Regular maintenance includes vacuuming at least once a week and addressing spills promptly. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 12-18 months for a deeper clean. It's also advisable to place doormats at entrances to minimize dirt and debris. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions to ensure your carpet's longevity.


Q: Can I Install Carpet Over Existing Flooring?

A: In some cases, you can install new carpet over existing flooring, but it depends on the condition of the current floor and the type of carpet you choose. It's best to consult with a professional installer to assess the feasibility and ensure a successful installation.


Our Carpet Selection

As your local carpet store, we offer a top selection of quality carpet collections. As a member of the Carpet One flooring cooperative, we maintain our status as a locally-owned small business, while offering you the prices of a big box store. This is because we have more buying power as a co-op, allowing us to negotiate better carpet deals and prices, and pass those savings onto you. Plus, you’ll get the friendly and personalized service you expect from your neighborhood flooring store.


When is it Time for a Carpet Replacement?

Curious about the lifespan of your carpet? The longevity of your carpet depends on factors such as staining, wear and tear, age, and allergen accumulation. Assessing these aspects will help you determine whether it's time for a carpet replacement.
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Bedroom with bed and window, grey carpeted floor

How to Choose the Right Carpet Colors

Selecting the perfect carpet color plays a pivotal role in achieving your interior design goals. Let us assist you in finding the ideal carpet colors that harmonize seamlessly with your unique space!
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Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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