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Hardwood Flooring in Columbus, Indiana


Whether you love the sophisticated and sleek look of dark wood floors or the light, airy appearance of natural oak, there’s no denying the simple elegance of genuine hardwood flooring. Riverside Carpet One Floor & Home in Columbus, Indiana, is your local hardwood floor store. We offer a beautiful selection of natural wood flooring, including classics like dark cherry and maple, as well as eclectic options like multi-color wood floors.


Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?



What Hardwood Styles Are Popular Right Now?


We offer a wide array of hardwood styles to choose from, beginning with narrow or wide wood floor panels and beveled or flat edges. You can also choose hardwood plank flooring with varying lengths to add a natural aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we offer a range of textures and finishes, including chic whitewashes, cozy matte looks, sleek glosses, and much more.


What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Flooring?


Aside from species and styles, there are different types of hardwood flooring to consider when shopping. The two main types of hardwood flooring are solid and engineered hardwood flooring.


What is Solid Hardwood Flooring?


Solid hardwood is the traditional form of wood flooring and has been around for centuries. Each plank is made from a single piece of premium hardwood, such as oak, maple, hickory, mahogany, and so on. Generally, hardwood planks are ¾’’ inch thick, although it can vary. This is thick enough that you’ll be able to refinish your floors multiple times through the decades, extending their lifespan in your home. In fact, many solid wood floors are designed to last as long as your home and will be the last floors you ever buy.


What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?


Engineered hardwood planks are made with a premium cut of real hardwood laminated onto layers of wood composite below. Each layer is placed in a cross-grain direction to the one below, which combats wood’s natural tendency to shrink and expand. This adds structural stability and water resistance, but it also means that you may not be able to refinish the floors as many times as solid wood. Higher-quality engineered hardwood products can last just as long as solid. Traditionally, solid wood planks last longer than engineered wood but are more susceptible to water damage and warping. We also have waterproof hardwood, which is made with real wood on the surface of a durable vinyl sublayer.


Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?


How and where your hardwood floors are installed depends on the type you choose. Solid hardwood floors are recommended for dry, temperature-controlled rooms that are above grade, while engineered wood can be installed below grade and in some moisture-prone areas. Waterproof hardwood floors can go anywhere in your home. Some places include:



Is There Hardwood Flooring Near Me?


Looking for the best selection of hardwood flooring in Columbus, Indiana? At Riverside Carpet One Floor & Home, our showroom offers a full range of wood flooring options from the best hardwood floor brands on the market. Our selection includes popular name brands and Carpet One exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else, like Rustic River™, as well as top hardwood flooring companies like Baroque. We’re here to help you find gorgeous modern wood floors that will beautifully complete your home or property and endure through the years. Come see us in person or start shopping our hardwood flooring selection online now!






Learn More About Hardwood



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How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring

As one of the longest-lasting flooring categories, hardwood can potentially endure the life of a home. Learn more about how to care for natural wood flooring so it stays looking beautiful.






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What Wood Species Is Right for Me?

In addition to the style of hardwood planks you choose, it’s also important to settle on a species. Here we break down the different kinds we offer.