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Laminate Flooring Store in Columbus, IN

Our selection of laminate flooring contradicts the stigma that it’s a cheap, unrealistic alternative to hardwood. Today’s laminate flooring is more durable with higher-quality materials, and more realistic using high-definition printing technology. Don’t sleep on laminate flooring: it’s affordable, stylish, and functional. As your local flooring retailer, we think there compelling advantages to installing laminate flooring in your home. The experts at Riverside Carpet One Floor & Home are here to help you find your new laminate floor.


Laminate vs Hardwood

Modern laminate flooring comes in wood-look options as well as tile looks. Although it doesn’t hold the same value that hardwood adds to a home, it delivers the same great looks. If you need an affordable wood-look option for a rental property, apartment buildings, or office, you’ll love our laminate flooring selection.


The beauty of laminate flooring is that it can be installed throughout your home at an affordable price. The planks feature multiple supportive layers the same way engineered hardwood floors do. Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring is not sensitive to moisture and will not warp or crack. We even offer waterproof laminate options. Laminate flooring is great if you need a floor that can keep up with you, but you do not need to keep up with it.


Laminate Flooring Installation

Most install laminate flooring for its durability rather than it’s looks and are pleasantly surprised to enjoy both. You can install it on, below, and above grade. Changes in moisture and humidity won’t impact laminate floors, relieving unneeded stress.


Laminate flooring is installed as a floating floor, which means you do not have to go through the tedious process of gluing or nailing them down. The planks fit perfectly together and “float” over your subfloor. Like any other floor, before installing, make sure your subfloor is dry and free of debris.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection

As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, you can shop the name brands you love in addition to exclusive brands we carry. You can shop at our store knowing you’ll find fantastic prices and quality flooring, all while shopping local and supporting your community. We have your local laminate flooring experts, and we even install laminate flooring locally.




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Caring for Laminate Floors


Laminate is known to be the flooring with carefree maintenance.

Get the looks of hardwood in your home but with the added

durability of laminate. Follow the link to learn more about

laminate cleaning tips.